Building a new stage
for Live Music!

Music is universal, so we are giving artists a new stage where they can perform world wide. Fans can keep in touch with their favorite bands and watch the full production shows no matter where they are!

World Wide Presence

Bands will never stop to go on tour but they will never
be able to reach every city in every country.  Welcome to  a new world.  With no physical limits or borders. One stage, broadcasted to the world.

Full Production Shows

This is not a small DIY live-from-home show!
Every artist will perform a Full Production Show like they do on the road. A special event for a special time, so fans can enjoy their favorite band securely at home.

Monetize Your Content

A full platform to monetize shows. Fans will be able to buy digital access to the Live Shows or VOD (Video On Demand) for recorded content. Bands can even use our online store and sell merchandising directly to the fans during the shows.


Full Production Stage

We offer a full stage for bands to perform. They will be able to play as they were on the road and present fans a full feature show. Bands and artists can use their own stage and light design so fans can fully experience the bands vision.

Live Streaming

A live concert experience for the digital world! We offer a new streaming platform for artists, producers and promoters to monetize their content. From 1 to 1 million viewers. We can do 10 million as well. Live Streaming, VOD, Integrated Paywall, Pay-Per-View or Subscriptions, Ads, Support team and Daily Reports. Everything you need to stream and monetize your event. No matter how big it is. A fully scalable platform, with worldwide distribution, secure and afordable.



DRM, which stands for Digital Rights Management, is a systematic approach to preventing unauthorized use and piracy of digital media. This mechanism prevents users from copying, redistributing, or converting content in a way that is not explicitly authorized by the content provider.



More than a stage to perform, we offer artists and promotor a full set of tools to monetise their content. A secure enviroment where fans can buy digital tickets to watch their favourite band. Promotors can even choose different ticket prices for different parts of the world. A great user experience for the artists and the fans.


We know how important the merchandising business is for every artists, and we also offer a full set of tools in our integrated online store so fans can access the bands merchandising right inside the streaming page. Artists and promotors can create special edition products for each event or sell the entire set of merchandise.


Full Broadcast Multicam Crew

On top of a full production stage, we teamed up with some of the best camera crew and directors to film your show. All the equipment for a pristine HD quality is also on the package so fans around the world can enjoy the shows in the best picture and audio quality possible.